I love this time of year, watching the leaves change colour and as they slowly fall of the tree branches knowing that come spring they will bloom again!

Every tree has its own agenda and process of shedding its leaves ready to rebloom in spring and it’s lovely to the colours from green, orange, brown and gold.

May favourite part of autumn is walking through the leaves that have fallen onto the ground, in fact at uni I did a whole video dancing in the leaves.

The reason I want to be a tree is that each year they shed their leaves and know that they will rebloom and they don’t worry or care that every tree does it or that they do it at different times!

The other thing I love about autumn is all the festive hot drinks the cafes come up with, theres always a new one to try each year. It also means the candles come out in the evening and so does all the fluffy socks and jumpers!

Whether its because of the slower pace or the calmer season, autumn always feels like a time of reflection for me. Whilst continuing to work on the whatever project I’m doing, I reflect back on the year to know and start looking ahead to the new year and what exciting things are going to happen or I’d like to achieve.
It’s been a funny old year and sitting watching the trees is a great reminder to keep in our own lane and doing our own thing!

So, go and be a tree!