Ready to Release the Butterfly?



Hello, I’m Charlotte Elizabeth

⭐️Do you want your child to learn the fabulous art of dance?

Dancing is a brilliant way to bring in key skills all children need during their development.  Such as using their own initiative, creativity and working as a team.

I offer dance training without the pressure or expense of exams.  I focus on the children enjoying themselves whilst at the same time learning many skills they will use later in life.

⭐️Are you getting married and worrying about falling over during your first dance? Or even having the best hen party ever with your girls?

I can work with you to give you the best wedding dance experience possible.  Nobody wants to feel embarrassed on their big day spending three minutes turning round in a circle.

It’s not all about the big day though, don’t forget that fun night with the girls.  You can have a great time learning a dance routine and who knows maybe you will even end up wanting to perform it on your big day, either way you will have a great time.


⭐️Have you ever wanted to travel and dance? 

⭐️ I can help!

During my 2nd year I gained 1 of 6 International places to dance with Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) in Namibia, the countries 1st professional dance company, for the month of August 2014.  Whilst on their dance internship I really discovered my love of teaching and helping others with their dance.

⭐️A little bit about me and my dance journey

Ever had a dream of what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Have you ever tried to pursue something you were passionate about only to find you couldn’t do it?

September 2012, I started my dance degree at Bath Spa University, however, I got a hip injury from day one.  During the summer holidays I underwent an operation where it was discovered that the ligament was detached from the femur head.  12 weeks to the day of my operation I returned to my second year!!

That was a tough 12 weeks.  Having to learn how to walk again and then having to adapt how I did certain dance moves whilst my hip was still healing. So, whilst I was back in my 2nd year, I was actually dancing instead of watching, but still having to be careful so that the ligament wouldn’t come off again!

⭐️ Whatever your reason for looking for a dance teacher, be it dance lessons for kids, a hen party or first dance I am here to give you the best options for you.

For more information, give me a shout and let’s have a chat.